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February 5, 2013
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Dress to Impress ~Collab 3~ by Timefang143 Dress to Impress ~Collab 3~ by Timefang143
My 3rd Dress to impress!~



Rules for #'s 1 - 6
1. First of all, these #'s are dressing to impress Pin
2. Your character MUST be dressed in 19th century women's fashion EX. [link]
3. You may genderbend, but spot must be wearing a big dress
4. Don't worry about the size of the dress...Go as big as you want, i'll make room for it
5. I'm being more strict on who i let do #'s 1 - 6, so don't be afraid to ask for a spot, the worst i will say is no, ( and if i think you are not good enough for these spots, i will tell you to take a spot in 7 - 12)
6. 1 spot per person

Rules for #'s 7 - 12
1. These #'s are dressing to impress Lucas
2. Your character must be dressed in "School girl or School boy" uniform Ex. [link]
3. You may Gender bend
4. one spot per person

~ you have 1 week to finish, i'll give you time if you need it ~

~ i will NOT be accepting every one, you have to have a good skill level, Especially for 1 - 6 ~

~ When asking say: Can I have # -- Dressing to Impress --Pin or Lucas -- "Big Dresses are not for School"

If you want to join say "Big Dresses are not for School" in your comment

Any question just ask!~


1. :iconoctopus-jizz:

2. :iconscribblepixels:

3. :iconnarlet:

4. :icongreenolive5557:

5. :iconqueenoffoxery:

6. :icongenko-mo:


7. :iconsonxfanchara:

8. :iconanimewikin:

9. :iconpique143:

10. :iconcarnivalcorpse:

11. :iconanti-social-demon:

12. :iconimthatbitch:

Base for Pin: [link]
Base for Lucas: ~horsehugs
Base For Girls: [link]
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My sister apologizes for her part not being done yet !
She completely forgot cause of stuff an such, soooo ahahha
will she be able to finish it off ??? ; v ;
That's if we can get the tablet to not be a pain in the ass |D ;;
Haha!! Yea, she can still finish! I would actually LOVE that!!
Thank u ; v ; <333
I also realized it was around the time when she was having most problems cause of school so yeah lol

I'll get her to finsh it like tonight or somthing ahahah X'DD
aww thats great heh ; v ; <333
Great!!!! ^^

omgh timeim so soryy QAQ im the only one left to do mine and its so pretty!!!

i dont know how many times i feel like saying sorry for not getting round to my part but i swear i will do it!

i'll do my best to not get distracted by new ideas for pictures and such.

but again im sorry for being the last person to do their part.
Its fine!! Take your time! I dont want you to feel rushed then your part comes out looking like crap! So take as long as you need, and make it great! :icongaywinkplz:
aw thank you time for the comment,i'll make sure to give it more then 110% on the pixel.

i will do ^^:iconbrohugplz:
CarnivalCorpse May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh my part was terrible.

I wanna redo it ;c
Your part is not bad AT ALL! you have a beautiful art style! But its your work not mine, you are more then welcome to re-do any part in any of my collabs, and i will add it in!~
CarnivalCorpse May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just feel a little disappointed in my part since it was a little rushed and hald-assed on the clothes. So I'll redo it when I feel like it D:
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